About Adam

Adam meeting Charlie Landsborough, a major influence in Adam's musical career and certainly his favorite all time christian entertainer.

Adam Price is a Christian country music recording artist, gospel singer and seniors entertainer in Australia.

Having 3 studio albums under his belt, with his first album’s (Paint You a Song – Released in 2011) single “Faith, Hope & Love” being co-written with Gina Jeffrey’s and produced by her husband Rod McCormack.

The album quickly gained radio airplay and Adam was well on his way to realising his dream of touching the lives of many with his music and story of hope and inspiration.

Having survived Acute Myeloid Leukaemia in mid 2010 with only 3 weeks to live at first diagnosis, he firmly believes that this was the turning point in his life and led him to simplify his life and pursue his God-given calling of bringing joy and happiness through entertaining lonely seniors in the twilight years of their life in aged care facilities.

His second album (I’m Me Again) come along in 2014 and was self-produced by Adam in his small home studio. The single for this was “Hope” which was the sequel song to “Faith, Hope & Love” and it was a song originally penned for Sir Cliff Richard by one of the all-time leading British songwriter’s Jon Philibert.

With the third album receiving rave reviews, his third album “Driftwood” was produced in 2016 and the single “Driftwood” debuted on the top 40 charts, which was Adam’s very first taste of Australian country music chart success.

In a short period of time, Adam had created 3 albums from 2010 to 2016 and is recognised as one of Australia’s leading senior’s entertainers and a rising talent in the country music industry (where he plans to stay for a very long time).

What’s next for Adam?

In 2018, Adam will release his fourth studio album "God's Been Good To Me" (what he believes is his most important work to date), as well as a bush ballads EP (as Adam grew up on bush ballads, many of these written by top Sydney based songwriter Maree Stacey) and time permitting a duo album.

Adam Price - The Country Singer

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