Giving Joy & Happiness Through The Gift of Music

The Concept (In a Nutshell)

This page is here as an outline of what the Adopt-a-Singer program was and what it tried to achieve. It has however, sadly ceased operations in December 2017, due to lack of support!

The Adopt-a-Singer program was designed to give joy and happiness to aged care residents through the gift of music.

The concept was for businesses, community groups and individuals to adopt Adam as their professional community musician for our aged care population, which spans over 120 aged care facilities in the Newcastle / Hunter Valley area.

How It Works

The concept is very simple... 

Caring business owners, community groups and individuals with a heart for our seniors in aged care, offer a regular financial support to the program.

This keeps Adam going in to aged care facilities that:

1.  Cannot afford regular monthly professional entertainers

2.  Supplements the homes that can afford some amount (but still not enough to keep Adam full time)

3.  Allows Adam to go further afield to remote aged care facilities that cannot afford Adam (and very few volunteer entertainers)

4.  Gives support to Adam to do community shows for ALL aged care facilities (and also special needs clients) to come along to for free

Why Is It Important?

Having a full-time professional entertainer, who is dedicated to going into aged care facilities on a regular weekly, bi-weekly and monthly basis is critical to the health and well being of residents.

It's wonderful that volunteers (and retired professional musicians) also go and entertain at aged care facilities, however, life can sometimes get in the way and volunteers may have to cancel shows on occasion. 

It's not just the music... Adam also stays afterwards and talks, prays with, and interacts with the residents (who very much look forward to his visits).

Musical entertainment on a professional level for residents is important because it creates happiness, normality (feeling like they are really going to a professional concert), and brings back the memories, joy and elation that they had when they were younger, freer and more independent... It gives residents a sense of escape even if just for one hour a month!

How It All Started

The concept come about after about 6 months after Adam was released from hospital. He felt a calling to entertain in aged care facilities.

For approximately the first 2 years Adam performed as a volunteer, with some facilities offering a minimal fee to cover food and petrol.

At the 2 year point (in 2012), Adam reached his recovery period and was expected by the Government, to go and gain full-time employment (as up to this point, he was working up to 15 hours a week delivering flowers, whilst in recovery, as he was still very weak and tired post Chemo treatments).

It was upon suggestion by Adam's employment case manager, that he re-apply for NEIS (New Enterprise Incentive Scheme) for a second time, as Adam had already successfully completed NEIS for his marketing business (in 2007) before he fell ill with his Leukaemia.

Adam applied for NEIS and it was suggested that musical type businesses don't get accepted that often, however another miracle occurred in Adam's life and the application was accepted in 2013.

And so the Adopt-a-Singer program was officially created.

The Journey

The Adopt-a-Singer program officially started in January 2014.

In the beginning, Adam's idea was to go from "volunteer entertainer" to a paid seniors entertainer, he did this by asking around the 120 facilities in the Newcastle / Hunter Valley area, if they would be open to engaging him on a regular basis for a minimal fee, which many were open to.

The residents of facilities had loved Adam for the past 2 years and his visits, so it was a natural progression for him to become a regular monthly entertainer at all but a handful of facilities.

Through some early business sponsors (and 2 of them who are still supporting Adam to this day) he was able to supplement the minimal fee's being charged and also cover his basic running costs of the program.

It was through the regular and reliable financial supplementation of sponsors that was critical to making the program a success.

However, all but a couple of well loved sponsors stayed, and the program had to be scaled back considerably and fee structures adjusted, which has been a blessing for Adam as he can still work with the facilities who really value such work on a regular basis.

The Future

Looking ahead, Adam would truly love to do more concerts for our seniors in aged care, especially those facilities that are in rural areas of Australia.

He has been on a few trips to rural area facilities, where there's not even many volunteer entertainers. And through the blessing of the occasional small donation has been able to save up these funds and go do a donated show for these facilities.

Adam would also like to create more central concerts at the likes of local bowling clubs, RSLs and seniors community groups, church groups etc, who would be willing to hold such events where aged care facilities can come to for free and hear Adam's concerts (especially in the more rural areas).

So as you can see, there is always a need to expand such concepts for the betterment of our seniors residents in aged care.

Why Adam Does This

Why Would You Support Aged Care Entertainment?

Because of all the amazing programs that are asking for support, there are very, very few  professional seniors entertainmers doing full-time work in aged care facilities.

The joy and happiness a skilled and specically designed seniors entertainment program can bring residents is beyond what money can buy.



ABC Radio Interview

Final Thoughts & Thanks To All Who Tried!

As the Adopt-a-Singer program has now ceased operations, Adam would like to thank all sponsors and parties who have tried tirelessly to keep this program going.

The leading aged care and in-home care brands have now started allocating considerable entertainment budgets for both Adam's and other professional entertainers.

Either way, Adam still continues on his God given path of ministering to seniors in their twilight years, making them happy through the gift of music!

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