Specialized Professional Entertainment For Aged Care Facilities

So Seniors Who Love Music Can Have Professional Entertainment In Thier Twilight Years!

Adam is a professional entertainer who chooses to work in aged care facilities, he has great respect for aged care and the activities staff, nurses and management who do an incredible job the vast majority of the time, given their workloads and creating an amazing, safe, and enjoyable home for their residents.

In mid-2010, Adam was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia, a life changing illness, that offered him only 3 weeks to live at first diagnosis!

After 6 months in a lonely and scary isolation ward, he was finally in complete remission and it was at this point he felt a very strong calling to entertain lonely seniors in their twilight years in aged care facilities.

His reasoning was, he was able to come out of the hospital and get on with a productive and happy life, but residents in aged care very rarely if ever, get the chance to go back what we would call a “normal life” in their own homes ever again. The 1 to 2 hour concerts that he does for various seniors villages, aged care facilities and adult day care centres across Australia have come to cherish his visits.

The families of residents, often state they’ve never seen their parents, grandparents (or other loved ones) looking so forward to his visits and this feedback is something that really warms Adam’s heart, as he truly loves visiting and giving the gift of joy and happiness to these wonderful souls.

Early on in 2011, Adam realised that many aged care facilities didn’t have much of a budget for entertainers (and for the first 2 years he did these shows for free). It wasn’t until 2013 after many requests from children of loved ones in aged care facilities to come and sing for them, that he created a program called “Adopt-a-Singer” with the help of the Australian Government’s NEIS (New Enterprise Incentive Scheme scholarship).

The Adopt-a-Singer program was created out of a necessity for professional level entertainment to be supplied to aged care facilities. The program works around sponsors (both individuals and businesses) who help supplement Adam’s ministry of singing for elderly residents in aged care facilities.

In mid 2016 Adam won a the monthly round of sponsorship for Awesome Foundation Newcastle (see video below) and this $1,000’s gave him a way forward to market the program. It also allowed him to donate a couple more shows to facilities that otherwise would never have been able to get Adam in for a concert.

So in essence, the program allows Adam to do his professional concerts for facilities who choose to pay what they can afford for his professional concerts, and the sponsorship funds from Adopt-a-Singer supplements the rest (and in some instances entirely pays a concert).

Learn More About The Adopt-a-Singer Program by Clicking Here!


What Adam Does in a Nutshell (This Video Courtesy of Awesome Foundation Newcastle)

It was through this support that Adam was able to give professional level entertainment in aged care facilities in his local area (as up to that point, it had mainly been well-meaning volunteers, plus a handful of some very good, but elderly, retired professional entertainers).

The problem was, however, that the retired professionals we’re slowly dying off and retiring from doing the rounds, with some going into aged care themselves.

So from the Government (which only lasted for one year in 2013), and some very kind initial business sponsors support, Adam was able to book shows at aged care facilities who had humble (or non-existent) activities budgets back then.

However, during 2013 to 2017 the majority business sponsors had dropped off and the program has since ceased operation.

A couple of incredibly loyal sponsors still support shows in a couple of local aged care facilities and this is a blessing for those facilities.

Adam also performs morning tea concerts in various areas for both aged care and special needs clients from different care providers.

The Positive News…

With the rapid expansion of aged care facilities and special needs/seniors daycare programs, the need for professional level music for their residents has been proven as a critical health and well being tool. It's great that many leading aged care brands are responding to the demand and increasing their live entertainment budgets considerably to move with the times.

Here’s Just One of Many Very Special Moments at a Morning Tea Concert…

Why Adam Chose To Do This…

After his recovery, Adam performed his very first concert at a local aged care facility. It was at this first show, he witnessed first-hand an incredible reaction to his music from a resident who hadn’t reacted to any other entertainers for several years.

This experience touched Adam’s heart so deeply, as well as surprised the activities staff and residents families, that Adam decided to keep doing them. It’s such an incredibly humbling and blessed experience to be on a musical pathway such as this…

Adam is quite often the last entertainer that many of these residents ever hear… And is regularly requested by residents (and their families) who have LOVED his concerts, to sing for them one last time by their bedside (and even when many are at their lowest, they wake up, smile and try and sing and dance along… It’s both miraculous and extremely touching). He believes this isn’t just music, or being an entertainer…

It’s God’s work, and that is the most important work we have here on this earth is to be there for one another and to help one another, to love and forgive each other and most importantly, to lead those who are lost to the Lord!

He feels EXTREMELY blessed that he can perform his music to such wonderful elderly souls who respond in such miraculous ways!

I know the odds look stacked against you
And it seems there’s no way out
I know the issue seems unchangeable
And there’s no reason to shout
But the seeming impossible is God’s chance
To work a miracle here on earth
It ain’t over till God says it’s over
Through faith, hope & love new ways give birth!

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